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Welcome To Royal Pars Stone

Export, Tile Stone & Slab and Block is a family owned and operated business located in Isfahan,Iran.
Our stone products are independently tested to international standards for quality & durability - this make us unique.
Our company exporting variety of stones to around the world.




Iran's quarries reserves has won fourth place among other countries. Accordingly, four million tons from seventy million tons of world decorative rocks reserves deposits in Iran . 1800 active quarries were known and used in Iran . in the area of marble stone color variety Iran has the first place in the world .

Access to plants


Because the location of this company is in Isfahan, Iran , 1500 stone cutting factory is working right now in this city that produce about 50 % of processed stones . so ,because of high competition between these plants for offering the best quality and lowest price in stone production, access of this company to these plants is very varied.


export natural royal stone


According to the geographical position of Iran in the Middle East and it’s access to the open waters from south and other boundaries, Iran has this ability to export stones to all countries around the world . this company exports different kind of stones like Alabaster, Marble, Travertine, Granite, Onyx and limestone. This company exports this stones in the form of tile, slab and block with standard packaging .these packages can be supplied all around the world.

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Benefits of Natural Stone


Luxury that Lasts

Natural Stone has been the building material of choice for thousands of years. Walk the streets of ancient civilizations or the buildings throughout Europe and see the enduring value and beauty of natural stone that no man-made materials can equal.

Vast Selection – Each Stone is Unique!

Natural Stones are quarried throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas in large blocks weighing up to 35 tons each. As this stone was formed millions of years ago, each block of material is unique and special, something the manufactured products cannot offer.

Easy Care:

With proper stone selection, your stone products are both long-lasting and easy to care for. Granite is one of the hardest substances and can only be cut using diamond tooling. In your kitchen you can enjoy its’ durability – cut on it, place hot pans on its surface – leaving you to enjoy the beauty of the stone. Clean and Re-seal once over year or two and your countertop will remain like new for years to come!

Exceptional Value:

Given its natural look of true luxury, investing in stone can be a wise investment in your home or office. Natural Stone flooring, countertops and decorative features will increase the value of your property. You may be surprised that Natural Stone can be less expensive than some of the man-made products currently on the market!

Use natural stone in space design

  • As our lifestyles change, we have expanded the living areas of our homes to incorporate the exterior spaces, bringing the indoor and outdoor spaces closer together. Stone contributes to elegant pool designs with travertine pavers, and pool copings create a luxurious environment for relaxing. High-end outdoor kitchens are ideal for the cook who loves to entertain. These outdoor kitchens combine state of the art appliances, barbeque grills, and classic durable stonework. Granite allows the perfect countertop to withstand the elements and enhances these beautiful areas. Try a suede finish for a more subtle look, or a polished top that will sparkle in the summer sun like Emerald Pearl.
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