Traditional floors with fixed sizes or with complete exploitation of the material (running)with various finishes and thicknesses from 1.5 to 3 cm. 

 The floor thickness and dimensions are not necessarily calibrated and the piecesare only cham fered on the customer's request.

Particularly suitable for large formats or forrepolishing in situ.

Running floors can be laid and used without further polishing if care is taken when laying to level any thickness differences.

Packed in wooden crates.



 POLISHED: the classic traditional surface, polished to a mirror finish which tends to exalt the veining of the various materials.

DRESSED: modern natural stone finish with a matt effect which is smooth to touch and particularly indicated for limestone and quartzite.

BRUSHED: aged and slightly hollowed surface.

VINTAGE: sanded and aged surface which assumes an orange peel appearance.

TUMBLED: rustic and aged surface with rounded edges.

SANDED: rough blunt surface, particularly suitable for outdoor facings.

BUSH HAMMERED, SCORED, ROLLED:  rough antislip surface, particularly suitable for outdoor flooring.